At SMS, I was pushed to not only achieve what was expected of me but to go beyond that expectation. That motivation has followed me throughout high school and has pushed me to succeed in every task I set my mind to and do my very best at every assignment or project that is given to me.

Faith – 2016 Graduate

I loved my experience at St. Mary School. The education that I received there helped prepare me well for high school. Not only did St. Mary School help me with my education but with my work ethic and getting involved in the community. This is school was like a family to me and I will never forget that.

Abbie – 2014 Graduate

As a full-time college student and part-time student worker, prioritization is crucial to my overall success as an engineering student. Thanks to the education I received at St. Mary School, prioritization, along with a drive to get things done properly and as soon as possible, are now natural behaviors. Without the life-changing education instilled in me at St. Mary School, my goals as a student would be much further out of reach.

Sam – 2013 Graduate

SMS will forever be a happy place for me because of the tremendous education I received there. I had great teachers and a school staff that always made me feel welcome. SMS not only taught me to excel on an educational level but on a public level too. SMS allowed me to interact in my community through numerous volunteer opportunities, which in turn helped me gain a foothold into helping children. That has led me to Quincy University on a career path to become an elementary education teacher. I can only hope to be half as great of a teacher as the ones who taught me through my K-8 years at SMS. I can proudly state that sending your child to receive an education at SMS will set them on a path for many academic successes in their future.

Danielle – 2012 Graduate

St. Mary School positively affected my life by giving me multiple learning opportunities. I made lifelong friends and it was thanks to kindergarten roundup to help me make new friends that I still have today. The way everything is taught set me up for doing bigger and better things. I enlisted in the United States Air Force two weeks after I graduated high school. Testing to get into the military and tests to qualify for my job resulted in higher scores and I believe that I tested higher because of everything I was taught at St. Mary School. The work ethic taught at St. Mary School opened up so many gates for me and my hard work as become known in my shop. I am one of the go to people and am very trusted as well. I have been blessed to attend St. Mary School and will always recommend that everyone goes to school there. Overall the best memories ever made were the friendships made and the education that I received. Those two things were the biggest blessings that I could’ve ever gotten. I thank God every day that I got an education like the one I had received at St. Mary School.

Kelly – 2012 Graduate

Moving to St. Louis for St. Louis College of Pharmacy from Brown County was a bit of a culture shock. Because of my upbringing at SMS, I believe that it made me a better Christian. A kind of Christian who doesn’t merely tolerate the diversity of religion, ethnicities, cultures, and various lifestyles, but the kind of Christian who welcomes and celebrates those differences.”

Chloe – 2011 Graduate

I attended St. Mary School from kindergarten through 8th grade and in that time obtained a well-rounded education that enabled me to excel in High School, college at The University of Illinois, and beyond into the work force. In particular I enjoyed Father Tom Henseler’s weekly seminars that weaved world news, history, and religion all into one fascinating hour or two for young curious minds. He covered topics that I’m 100% certain children do not receive in other school systems, and in a way that was understandable. I hope that these talks still happen to this day and are able to continue.

Without seeing these differences first-hand, one cannot understand the liberties that attending a private school in a small town affords with regards to freedom of speech and religion.

Keith – 2003 Graduate

I remember as a student attending Mass and learning the Catholic faith as we journeyed through the eight grades. What a gift God gave me when I returned to St. Mary School as interim principal and could witness another generation attending Children’s Mass and learning the Catholic faith. This strong tradition is what makes St. Mary School so special.

Susie – 1971 Graduate

I graduated from St. Mary Academy (now School) in 1960, after my senior (12th) year. I value my early education at St. Mary’s so greatly as it prepared me for college, then graduate school and finally a very successful business career as an agricultural company executive.

I think the small class size, the discipline we learned, and the Christian values instilled in us had a very positive impact on my future life and career. My social skills were more than adequate, despite not having the interaction of a large school with a variety of characters. But I think that what we learned at St. Mary’s prepared me well for the rest of my life. I would not trade anything for the foundation education that I received there.

Richard Ryan – 1960 Graduate

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