Meet the Principal

Welcome to St. Mary School!
St. Mary School welcomes all students and families willing to share our mission providing excellence in education and being dedicated to the development of the whole child; thereby equipping out students with aptitude and determination to continue their education and become responsible Christians in society. St. Mary School offers Pre-Kindergarten through eighth grade education.
St. Mary School is staffed by academically qualified and highly motivated group of professional educators. All teachers are certified by the state of Illinois. In addition to the faculty, Fr. Stephen Thompson and Deacon Mike Ellerman help develop the children’s understanding of God and our church. Students are introduced to virtues and moral development throughout the school year as well.
The philosophy of St. Mary School is to proclaim the message, to build community, to enter into prayer and worship, and to motivate each other to service. The school’s main purpose is to strive to provide academic excellence, challenge children to be responsible for their own learning, and to teach our Catholic faith and heritage through a comprehensive education program based on doctrine and experience. Family and school service projects are completed throughout the school year.
St. Mary School has an educational program that stresses skills in the basic subjects in order to provide the 21st Century Skills the students will need to be successful in the future. All students kindergarten through eighth grade have iPads to increase their technology and media literacy skills. SMS also provides music education, art education, Spanish, and yoga/tumbling to increase their exposure to fine arts curricula. All students have access to the STREAM lab to encourage creativity, innovation, and critical thinking skills. Walking through the school, you will see amazing activities occurring in the classrooms, positive interactions among students and staff, and student presentations covering the walls of the school. Prayer is an integral part of the student’s school day: prayer before school, before meals, after meals, and at the end of the day. Extended after school care is also offered to parents at a minimal charge. St. Mary School offers a well-rounded education and a welcoming atmosphere to all students and families.
We would love to give you a tour of St. Mary School! Call today to schedule a tour of our amazing school (217-773-2825).
Melissa Obert