The mission of St. Mary School is provide a well-rounded Catholic education based on excellence in academics and dedicated to the development of the whole child - spiritually, intellectually, and physically; thereby equipping our students with the aptitude and the determination to continue their education and become responsible Christians in society.

In order to achieve the mission of St. Mary School, we will:

  • Teach the Catholic/Christian faith and heritage through a comprehensive education program based on biblical doctrine and church teaching
  • Strive to provide the strongest academic program possible
  • Challenge children to aim for excellence and to become increasingly responsible for their own learning
  • Encourage students to be self-disciplined
  • Teach students to read fluently with understanding
  • Help students to use and apply computational skills and mathematical concepts
  • Expose students to innovative technology
  • Guide students to effectively use the scientific method and science concepts
  • Stress moral development and the teaching of Catholic/Christian values throughout the school day, in each area of the curriculum
  • Assist students in developing a positive self-image
  • Encourage and empower students to be respectful of themselves, other students, and those in authority
  • Inspire students to express themselves creatively through fine arts
  • Teach students to communicate clearly through speaking and writing for a variety of purposes
  • Help students understand our country’s democratic process, history, and cultural diversity so they will become active citizens within our country and the global community